• Challenge your athlete's abilities appropriately

    Coaches are constantly challenged to develop and create drills that are difficult enough to stimulate concentration and favour skill development.

  • Create a buddy system

    Having experienced players act as buddies to new players can help with advice/motivation in a more personal way.

  • Create a mentorship program for coaches and leaders

    As important it is for new players, it is also important for new leaders to be supported and guided in their development by an experienced person

  • Create a safe and inclusive environment

    A safe and inclusive environment can foster the development of trust between players on and off the field. It will also positively affect the sense of camaraderie and group identity with the team or association.

  • Define seasonal budgets and goals as a team and plan how you will achieve them

    Seasonal goals can help your team plan the season and give purpose and direction to the team. To archive those proficiently, clear rules about the desired commitment from both the players and the association is a must. Being upfront with the costs allows everyone to plan their season within their means.

  • Elect gender-equity captains

    Gender Equity captains are trusted persons that are the first point of contact for gender issues and are responsible for implementing gender equity measures within the association or the team. Some players already take this responsibility unofficially. However, it is good to make it an official and clear role within your team or association.

  • Junior Mixed Clubs: Have additional open and women's practices and tournaments

    Various studies show that young women under 17 prefer to participate in sports in a women-only environment. This changes as athletes get older and more confident in their athletic abilities and social skills. 

  • Support the development of your women's teams, leaders, and coaches.

    The development of women matching players, their teams and coaches can and should be aided in many different ways.

  • Take new players to a fun beginners-only tournament

    Your first experience of an ultimate tournament is unique. Allowing new players to experience this only bolsters your chance that they will stay playing in the club for longer. 

  • The benefits of developing leaders in your club

    For an organisation to function, it requires the time and effort of volunteers and leaders. It is important not to overwhelm a few with the significant responsibility to keep an organisation running. By creating a new pathway for leaders, you can make a direct pathway into a leadership position within the organisation and work to develop the skills of those involved. 

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