Focus on recruiting women matching players to grow your community

Women's sports are shown to grow much faster than established men's ones. So by investing in the recruitment of women matching players, you  invest in the quick and sustainable growth of your club or association and contribute to community efforts to make Ultimate more gender equitable. Ultimate needs more women matching players. Whether that be on the pitch or in leadership and management positions, there needs to be more  women matching people in these positions. 

Why is this important? 

Ultimate is a growing sport, and investing in growing the womens division is known to be one of the most effective and sustainable ways to grow  a sport. It is not by chance that big associations like UEFA invest a lot of money into women's football. The growth in the number of female  players in the last few years has increased in a way that men's football could only dream of. This growth creates a win-win-win situation, as when  there is an increase in women in sport and leadership positions, there is an increase in media presence for football federations, leading to an  increase in sales, from membership fees to tickets. The same framework can also be applied to Ultimate. 

Sport is also a tool for change and empowerment. Sport can empower women matching players, providing them with experiences and  relationships that can develop emotional and personal skills. In this way, Ultimate can actively contribute to wider societal change towards a more  gender equitable sporting community. 

Investing in women matching athletes is the best way for an association to guarantee itself a great future. 

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