Gender Equity vs Gender Equality

What is the difference between gender equity and gender equality? This article should give you a basic understanding of the two.Equality focuses on giving everyone the same opportunities and resources regardless of personal differences. On the other hand, equity acknowledges these individual differences and focuses on delivering what is necessary to reach an equal outcome. 

Often people call for equality, but if individuals and groups do not start in the same position, then equality will do little to reduce the disparities between groups. Instead, equity should be used to give more to those who need it most. Through equity, we can eventually reach a state of  equality.

Equality and Equity

The image below illustrates the nuance of equality as compared to equity. In the first image, all participants are given the same bicycle. While some participants can ride the bike provided, others are unable. However, in the second image, a bicycle that has taken into account the needs  of the various groups is offered so that the participants can enjoy the sport in an equitable manner—leading to an equal and fair resolution to the problem. 

Equality vs Equity

Image: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 

In practical terms for practice or within a team, it could mean in order to achieve equality you can use positive discrimination and extra exposure  (for media, for example, etc.) to counter past socialisation. 

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