EUF Train the Trainer - Training Unit Template


  • Standardized Training Structure in order to have more people able to deliver a good beginner training
  • Pedagogical methods in order to run beginner trainings


The European Ultimate Federation - Train the Trainer (TtT) Level 1 - program is targeted to anyone that wants to learn trainings methods and structures in order to run demonstration trainings in schools or beginner trainings in after school programs or in clubs.
The first edition took place in 2017, strongly based on the Trainer Certification Manual and Methodology of the Federazione Italiana Flying Disc (FIFD) . Since then the program evolved a lot thanks to the contributions of various experts from Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom.

Case Study

The EUF TtT Level 1 Program is structured in 2 sessions of 20 units each.

The EUF TtT Level 1 Course

The first one is an hands-on course where the participants learn with the learning-by-doing approach following contents:

General Contents

  • Role and Responsibilities of a Trainer
  • General Rules and tips for good communication
  • How to give effective feedback
  • Pedagogical methods how to handle groups

Ultimate Specific

  • How to create a training plan for beginners
  • How to structure a training unit
  • How to teach the Spirit of the Game
  • How to explain what is Ultimate
  • How to run single drills in a safe way
  • The drill progression
  • How to adapt drills according to the space and number of people

Organisational Stuff

  • How to acquire new players, create a team, coach a team
  • Teaching Ultimate in schools
  • The EUF TtT Level 1 practical session
  • The second part of the certification consists in running 20 Units (1 unit = 45') of beginner trainings as part of a EUF Youth Camp, in schools or in a club, filling the the training reports and getting the feedback from the head coach.

Example of a Training Unit Plan

This is the training unit plan for the standard training we do when we go to a school for the first time.

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