Organise social events during the off-season

People who find friends will keep playing and can motivate each other to improve and develop their athletic abilities.Social events can be an excellent equaliser for players of different experience levels and allow interaction between the teams (open, women, mixed) that make up the club.
New players can interact with their more experienced role models in an informal atmosphere, which increases their connection with the club. Such interactions can be very constructive for the club's atmosphere and club culture, as people will feel more integrated into the team.
Even though the setup for these social events is different from training, the usual rules for appropriate treatment language have to be followed to create enjoyable events for everyone.
Ultimate has a strong social component and social events belong to the "Ultimate lifestyle". A survey run by the European Ultimate Federation shows that one of the main reasons to start playing and stay in the sport is the friendships people build through and within ultimate.
Especially off-season, when the training pressure is reduced, it is important that the club keeps its members engaged. This is also the best time to recruit new players because the social aspect of the sport may attract them.

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