Showcase your sport as part of local public events

Partnerships with public / community sports groups and school events, etc. that attract an audience are excellent opportunities to showcase your sport and increase awareness. Consider partnerships with events that share your association's same player base, values, and targets. Events and organisations that support Gender Equity are ideal targets for this practice. Large events are often happy to have additional side programs, especially if you share and admire similar moral values. Lots of organisations for younger players are particularly impressed by the SOTG aspect of ultimate. School or college sports events are also a good platform for showcasing women matching players and mixed sports.If you are part of an event with another professional sport, show the public that ultimate is a competitive sport in all gender divisions and is not just a "game".
Consider your presentation, the venue you are using and the field marking so that the audience can understand who is in charge and see how each team scores points. Get rid of stoppages and calls for the show game to give the show game more fluidity. Have multiple people on the sideline who can comment on the game and can explain the game to spectators or players who are unsure of the rules.

Highlight players' successes, and be sure to mention the achievements of women matching athletes. For instance, note how they are part of the national team or the number of national championships won. Try to create (diverse) role models with whom people can identify.
If possible, challenge some athletes or players from other sports to try ultimate or throw a disc as far as possible. This could definitely increase some public attention and may even encourage other sportspeople to try ultimate.
You could also showcase the sport in highly frequented public places, like a public park. In this case, you need to be clear that you are presenting ultimate as a game, not as a competitive sport. This presentation of ultimate is often seen as much more accessible for new people to start as it is low pressure and low commitment. Setting up regular throwing practice in highly frequented places can be a real conversation starter.

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