Run targeted side programs at your sports event

Including side events about gender equity or small demonstrations for beginners as part of your sporting event can increase participation among spectators, especially those with families and kids. Including various attractions and side programmes at your event can benefit the participants and spectators.You can create Be-Active stations where kids are well taken care of while the parents watch games and interact with the extracurricular activities. Providing childcare might also increase the number of spectators and free up parents to fully partake in spectating, playing and contributing to the tournament. Depending on the age of the children in the side programme, you can use this time to introduce them to Ultimate.
You can create workshops that promote the core values of SOTG and gender equity in Ultimate. Be sure to have your target audience in mind when creating your event and tailor your content to suit them. Tailoring your programme to your selected audience will make the session more accessible and easier to follow.
Another idea is to collaborate with local schools and media outlets and run joint side programmes with them that directly engage the selected audience (e.g. if working with a local school, you could run a children-focused intro to ultimate programme parallel to your tournament activities. Communicate about the event in a gender-balanced way. When running mixed-gender clinics, the coaches should be able to involve all kids that are there in the game.

Elements to consider

Who should participate?

  • Athletes
  • Children that are new to the sport
  • Spectators

Where is the event?

  • What do you need to get the people there?
  • Can they find their way there easily?

When is the event?

  • Does the time suit the target audience?
  • Do you need experts for presentations?
  • Is there someone you think is passionate and capable of helping to facilitate this event?

What is your key message?

  • Gender equity
  • Recruiting
  • Staying active
  • SOTG
  • Social opportunities

How do you stay in contact with those who attended?

  • Collect feedback after the event
  • Send reminders or invitations for future events
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