Have videos and links with engaging and exciting content

Short videos are great advertisements for a sport on social networks. These should emphasise what makes the sport or the event special. You  can also use these videos to increase the representation and promotion of women matching athletes within the Ultimate community. Creating a  unique and memorable online presence can be hugely beneficial for your team or association. The best way to do this is to use videos, highlight reels and links to live streams. Identify videos that highlight the parts of your club you want to promote or improve. Think about your target  audience and the impact you want your videos to have, and then act accordingly. It is important that these videos etc., are gender equitable. 

This  can be achieved by:

  • Promoting women matching athletes in highlighted videos and pictures. 
  • Show and stream mixed or women's division games. 
  • Achieve equality when showing action shots rather than focusing on one specific group. 
  • Depending on your target audience, present different examples with different experience and ability levels 

Mirroring the diversity in your target audience plays a vital role in how much influence and engagement your communications have  representation matters! 

The videos should showcase the unique parts of Ultimate (Spirit of the Game, community spirit, athleticism etc.)  

Have stories and interviews where someone explains why Ultimate is exciting and showcases its differences compared to other sports.  Remember that for someone who is new to ultimate and doesn’t understand how the sport works, getting to know player personalities may be  more interesting than just watching women throw the disc. Consider what Netflix does to make driving a car really interesting, it’s the personalities  and stories that create interest. 

Consider the different audiences of your media campaign: someone might find ultimate an interesting sport when seeing a video of high-level  athleticism of players, whereas others might be more interested in the social and community aspects of Ultimate. 

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