Have a media strategy that compliments your recruiting strategy

How an association presents itself in the media strongly influences how potential new members perceive it. Making Gender Equity and Inclusivity  one of the core messages of your public presence can raise your standing and be beneficial not only from a recruiting point of view but also from a marketing  and sponsoring point of view.To define a media strategy, you need to know 

  • which target group(s) you want to address, including
    • their interests and targets, 
    • their preferred communication channels 
  • how to make your message unique 

Equity considerations should be the foundation of all media activities and can link in with diversity and inclusion initiatives and goals you may  already have for your organisation. Promoting your association's equity efforts can become a unique selling point of your social media strategy.  This can work to your advantage when competing with other associations for recruits. Your alignment with gender equity principles can also open  doors for cooperation and sponsorship opportunities for your association.  

Ensuring that everyone has their voice heard through media allows you to showcase different perspectives and experiences of the sport in a way  that will be relatable and accessible to a range of recruits. You will need to be proactive about implementing an equitable media strategy that  considers language used, local challenges, the people who are volunteering within the organisation, and how to best represent your community. 

However, you should note that in some cases, your commitment to gender equity issues could cause polarising opinions and conflict with those  who do not support gender equity in sport (or in general society). Unfortunately, organisations that pioneer gender-equitable practices and  thought are often targeted by destructive criticism and comments online. If this is a reality for you, it should not deter you from investing in the  socio-psychological well-being of your players. 

The more limited your resources are, the more important it is to have an efficient media strategy. An efficient media strategy will ensure that what  people see of your club is memorable and positive and will help attract followers, interactions and athletes to your club.

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