Promote your association using different media channels

Your media strategy should reflect your association's identity, culture and critical principles. You should consider what messages you want to  communicate through social media and which channels to use. Equity considerations should always be integral to media plans. 

Gender equity and media promotion 

No matter what form of media you use to promote your association, you should always maintain gender equity as a central feature of your public  image. Your media campaign should aim to make everyone feel represented and welcome.

For instance, create posts, and highlight reels, profiles, and posters of a range of athletes from different demographics. Be sure to promote and  celebrate women matching athletes and their achievements, and avoid comparisons between the Open and Women's divisions. Try and tailor the  age of the featured athlete to the age demographic you want to appeal to. 

After identifying your target audience and creating suitable media content with images of the role models, you should consider how to reach your  target.  

For instance, you can place posters and flyers in schools or places of interest for young people. You could also target places where parents can  see; having pictures of parents watching young athletes can encourage parents to support their children at matches and training. 

When addressing newspapers, blogs or radio sports programs, prepare a professional media package with high-quality images of players with a  variety of different athletes. 

Social media is the most used and consumer form of public media presence. As a result, your media strategy should heavily feature social  media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok are all good resources to spread your content. Your internet presence should be both  promotional and informative, so you should be sure to have information on your training times and locations and your association's contact information (email and informative username handles). 

Promoting Ultimate 

If you are looking to recruit a diverse player base, you can use pictures of spirit circles or team huddles to help portray the feeling of community.  

Emphasise the core aspects of ultimate like:  

  • Athleticism (highlight reels and athletes being generally impressive) 
  • Variety in intensity (you can play socially or can work your way up to playing on an international team) 
  • Spirit of the Game (emphasise the importance of sport in ultimate) 
  • The social side of ultimate (making friends with teammates and connecting with players across the globe) 
  • Produce discs with rules of the game and a central website of where to find clubs in the area  
    • Include just the five basic rules of Ultimate: no contact, stalls to ten, etc.
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