Elect gender-equity captains

Gender Equity captains are trusted persons that are the first point of contact for gender issues and are responsible for implementing gender  equity measures within the association or the team. Some players already take this responsibility unofficially. However, it is good to make it an  official and clear role within your team or association. 

Gender equity is often a subject addressed in a club or a team because one player feels that it is an important topic, therefore, decides to put it  on the table and take action. But what happens for teams or clubs when no one chooses to take matters into their own hands? 

As an association, it is important to have multiplicators that can support the implementation of gender equity principles in the various branches  and teams. 

The responsibilities of these gender-equity captains should be clearly defined and communicated within the association and team, also making  sure that the chosen person is comfortable with all of these. They include and are not limited to: 

Parallel to the Spirit of the Game captains, more ultimate clubs are introducing the role of the gender-equity captains that support the Spirit  captains, especially in terms of safety, inclusivity and gender equity issues. This gives a clear space for teams, clubs and players to improve on  the topic, opens the discussion and assess how safe the team environment is in terms of inclusivity. This role can also be defined as part of the  association’s safeguarding and inclusivity policy. 

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