Ensure that the training facilities have the necessary infrastructure

Clean and well-suited toilets and changing rooms should be a minimum standard in your plans to create a safe and inclusive environment for athletes. The lack of hygienic conditions may become a stark barrier for players to join the practice or may even lead to dropouts. Such hygiene standards are essential, especially for menstruating people.Make sure you have extra tampons and supplies in your team medical kit at all times, and each player knows where they can find them.
As a trainer, consider that if the next women's toilets are distant from the training field, you need longer breaks to allow players to visit the sanitary facilities. Typically, the open and the women's teams share a training field. We recommend leaving the pitch closer to the sanitation room for the women's team.
Training or tournaments with limited numbers of toilets in proximity are unfortunately quite common, and this might be a significant limitation for the growth of your players' base. Discuss openly with your players and evaluate potential solutions.

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