Take new players to a fun beginners-only tournament

Your first experience of an ultimate tournament is unique. Allowing new players to experience this only bolsters your chance that they will stay  playing in the club for longer. Taking new players to, for example, a women's beginners-only tournament allows them to have a more significant  role earlier than at a mixed tournament. It helps the group bond as a team.  

A coach or captain must help create an inclusive and positive atmosphere at the tournament and ensures everyone can find their position within  the team and on the pitch. 

For example: 

  • regular feedback rounds after games or at the end of the day 
  • individual conversations if you see that conflicts are raising 
  • active rotation in positions and line calling 

Highlight the social side of ultimate and interact with everyone, ensuring everyone has equal playing time and opportunities.  

Make sure there are some experienced players with beginners to help guide the play. Commit to establishing a routine between the experienced  players in your club to attend such beginners-only tournaments. 

  • Make partnerships with other clubs in the same situation 
  • go to/organize Hat tournaments 

Define some tournaments in the calendar where you go with a weaker team to be able to involve the newest players. 

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